NMBS was founded in August 2002 with the idea of providing environmental consulting in a new way. Our focus is on environmental health and providing the necessary services to bring your watershed "back to life". We have made a commitment to the organizations we are working with to provide a personal one-on-one approach to cleaning up our local streams. It is a goal of NMBS to reclaim stream miles and once again to be able to fish in streams that have been running red for so long. We will help grass roots organizations achieve this goal through watershed management techniques and aiding in the design and implementation of treatment plans.

Our company is able to provide services for every step of the process. We will work with watershed groups to perform watershed assessments. We will walk the streams, identify problem areas, and help install flow measuring devices. We will be responsible for writing the necessary reports and most importantly, developing the restoration plan once all of the data is collected. The restoration plan is the "plan of action" for your watershed, and is vital to its recovery. The plan will include prioritization and will allow you to take the next step of implementing projects. NMBS will also design and oversee the installation of your treatment system. We will also develop the operation and maintenance plan to insure the long term success of your system, therefore, protecting our streams.

Our company can provide the grant writing services to secure funding for your projects. We will help you research and determine the funding source that best fits your project, whether it be a State or Federal grant, or support through a local foundation.

NMBS also strongly supports Education, both in the schools and in the community. We need for everyone to understand our common goal of cleaning up our local streams, and education is the best way to do that. We need to hold public meetings, go into our schools, get the schools involved in specific projects, work with local boy scout troops, attend community activities and just 'get the word out'.

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